“Great Copy – the hint is in the name!  Charlotte Fleming of GreatCopy turned our best efforts … into something that sparkled. Who says you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear? Charlotte certainly did!”              Douglas Reid, MDG Group  douglas.reid@mdggroup.co.uk

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Putting your business into words that sell

Are you sending the right message to your customers?

Do they know what makes you different from your competitors?

Are you getting the results you want from your marketing?

As a busy tourism industry business-person you’re used to keeping several plates in the air at once.  You start early and finish late, and all your hard work is paying off.

But it’s taking its toll, too.  And some things on your To Do list never quite get done.

Mailshots, blogs, newsletters

Like writing the content for your blog or the newsletter you should be sending all your best and soon-to-be-best customers.  Or getting the copy for your new website to the designer who’s been waiting for it for months.  Or producing the brochures for your next mailing or trade show – well, it’s still two weeks away, isn’t it?

At this point you have a couple of options: you can either learn to write very efficiently yourself, or you can delegate the job.

That’s where GreatCopy comes in.

I can do the research, write the copy, make sure the search engines can find it, and tell you where and how to promote it.



I can take you (or one of your staff) step by step through the whole process so you learn how to write and promote your own content without wasting time or losing sleep.

If you want effective content marketing for the travel and tourism industry, you’re in the right place. So get in touch today and let’s get your contacts fizzing.

Based in Angus, north-east Scotland, GreatCopy works with all shapes and sizes of clients around the world.  You can meet Charlotte Fleming, the brains behind the business, on the About Us page.

Get in touch today and get your content marketing working.  

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