Website copywriting for beginners

Today we have another guest posting, from Jay Neaves BA Hons, Media & Communication Studies Author, writer and founder of The Professional Writing Service.  I couldn’t agree more with what he says:

Creating a website for your business is a big step and ensuring you get your website copywriting right is of paramount importance for your success. An online presence has the benefits of opening up your products or services to a global marketplace, however, it also means that your business is open to global scrutiny.

Poor website copywriting reflects badly on your business and unfortunately, for those who are not familiar with online copywriting, it is unlike any other writing form. Online customers read websites very differently from other written material and this must be accounted for when you create your web content.

Website Copywriting is not Linear

Other forms of literature are linear in their structure, however, online readers tend to read around the page looking for keywords or the key points. In order to make your website effective, it must be user-friendly and your website copywriting must take account of this. Always ensure that you use simply, friendly language and that your text is in small bite sized chunks.

Website Copywriting Must Be Well Written

Creating web content that is poorly written or littered with grammatical or spelling errors is worse than no web content at all. Remember your website is your sales man and should speak with authority. Any errors reflect badly on you and your business so ensure you proofread every page before your potential customers see it.

Website Copywriting Must Inform, Inspire and Persuade

People search the Internet for information, products or services. To this end, your web content must engage the reader, provide them with the information they are looking for and persuade them to buy the products you have on offer.

Website Copywriting Should Have SEO Value

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it is known, has massive importance to your online success. People use search engines to find websites that offer the information, products or services they are looking for. Web content that encompasses SEO techniques increases your website rankings with the leading search engines and ensures that when a search is undertaken in your niche, your website is returned.

The Benefits of Professional Website Copywriting

For some new website owners, creating web content which meets all of these criteria may be an incredibly daunting task. This does not mean that you should give up on your website, rather, it means that you need to seek the advice or the services of a professional web copywriter. There are many highly qualified, experienced web copywriters who can provide you with custom-written web content for your website and ensure your website presents your business in a professional manner.

Article Source:  This posting is © Jay Neaves, and re-published with thanks.

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