Why use a professional copywriter for your website?

If you are having a new website created, or editing an old one, it may not occur to you to hire a professional copywriter to create the content for you, but it makes sense for several reasons:

First and most important: it means you don’t have to do it.  You have plenty of other claims on your time, mainly for things only you can do properly.  Writing copy (if it’s not something you do every day) takes time – effort – blood, sweat and tears.  It could take several weeks to get the necessary content for a website together: weeks of frustration when you can’t get on with doing what you’re best at.

Second: research shows you have just seven seconds to capture your readers’ attention on the internet.  Get it wrong and they’ve gone to your competitors.  Do you or your staff have the writing skills to grab them in seven seconds?

Third: a trained writer can write it faster than you can, just as a trained runner can run faster than someone who only jogs once a week.  They know the sort of questions to ask to create the unique copy you need; they’ll have a system for their research.  Your website will be up and working for you far sooner and you’ll see a return on your investment much earlier.

Fourth: a professional copywriter knows how to persuade people in print.  It’s not the same as selling in person: you need different techniques when you can’t use body language to get your point across.  You have to make things clear both for those who skim and for the detail-lovers – and you can’t tell which sort of person will be reading.  You have to write from the reader’s point of view and understand in advance what questions they need answered.  So many websites don’t do this and they’re basically a waste of money.

Fifth: a trained copywriter will work with your web designer to optimise your site for the search engines (SEO).  Keywords are vital to this process, but writing keyword-rich text that reads naturally is an art that takes practice.

Sixth: a good copywriter writes good English.  There are still plenty of people out there who get a jolt when they see an apostrophe in the wrong place or a comma where there should be a full stop – and they’ll jump to another site for a solution to their problem.  There’s a lot of competition on the internet and you can’t afford to lose customers for a silly mistake.

Seventh: it will cost you less.  That’s counter-intuitive, I know, but think about it.  If you add up all the time you’re sitting there, staring at a blank piece of paper or computer screen, plus all the time you’re struggling to find the right words to communicate your message, plus all the other things you can’t be doing while you’re writing (but still need doing) – and charge it all at whatever rate you pay yourself – a copywriter is going to seem a real bargain.

So: less effort + attention + faster RoI + effectiveness + smooth SEO + retention + cost-saving = perfect sense. 

In other words, using a professional copywriter for your website saves you time, hassle and money, just as using a professional web designer does.