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Another guest article, this time by Pete Savage.  Find more details about Pete at the end of this post.

Sometimes when you learn of the work habits and rituals of
successful people in your field, a funny thing can happen.
Perhaps it has happened to you before, whether you were reading
a self-development book, attending a live event, or listening to
a teleseminar…

When learning about someone’s personal success journey, and the
wisdom they have to share about their experience, sometimes the
learning can be both inspiring and intimidating at the same

Have you ever experienced this? I have. And the intimidation, I
think, comes from a momentary onset of what I call “Easier Said
Than Done“-itis, or “ESTD-itis” for short. Here’s how I define
this term:

ESTD-itis [noun; “es-die-tis”] The momentary mental muttering of
the phrase “easier said than done” when presented with a new
idea, concept, tool, or technique for achieving success.

ESTD-itis is brought on by the sudden realization that a certain
level of success involves a certain amount of honest effort.
Unfortunately, the Internet, Hollywood, the tabloids and all the
other elements of today’s modern media machine have created this
illusion of “overnight success” in so many fields.

As we observe this media, we can’t help but be influenced by it,
and be tricked into thinking that success, fame, and fortune
comes easily and without effort to “those people”.

But sometimes we learn more about the back story of the
individuals who we view as successful, and we see the real blood
sweat and tears that often goes into their achievement. This
gives us a better appreciate of “what it takes” to succeed.

So… on Friday and Saturday, as part of the International
Freelancers Day
conference you’ll see a lot of accomplished
teaching you what they know about succeeding in business.
As you watch, keep in mind the true effort – the blood, sweat
and tears – that each presenter went through in order to get to
a place where they can now teach and share their wisdom.

In other words, as you watch, hold in your mind the expectation
that what you’re learning will require a certain amount of
honest effort if you aspire to achieve similar results. The new
concepts, tips and strategies you learn may be presented as
“simple” but every speaker will tell you, they require a lot of
elbow grease to actually put into action.

Do this, and the phrase “Easier said than done” will disappear
from your language when you come upon ideas, concepts, tools, or
techniques that have the power to lead you toward success.

I know that you’ll enjoy what’s coming your way – for free – as
part of the International Freelancers Day online conference on
Friday and Saturday. If you still need to register for this
event, you still can – just click here.

To your success!

Pete Savage is the co-founder of TheWealthyFreelancer.com and
co-author of The Wealthy Freelancer: 12 Secrets to a Great
Income and an Enviable Lifestyle. To download 3 free chapters of
his book, visit www.TheWealthyFreelancer.com.

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