There are two ways you can do marketing: pushing stuff at people and pulling them towards you.  Most businesses do the first.

Which is a shame, really.  Because it’s the second that works.

We’ve all got bored with marketing messages that tell us to “buy me, buy me”, like a small kid showing off.  We’ve stopped listening.  We used to fast-forward videos to avoid the ads; now you don’t even have to watch them on live TV.  But still companies spend millions on TV ads, pushing stuff at people.

Someone once wrote “If you can get people to tattoo your company name on their arms, you’re never going to have to worry about brand loyalty”.

Harley tattoo

Harley Davidson aren’t necessarily (depending on your viewpoint) the best bikes on the road.  But they are definitely iconic.  Harley bikers glow in their Easy Rider/wild child/Hell’s Angels image, even though most of them are well into middle age and wouldn’t hurt a flea.  What’s more, they come from all over the world to a hamlet in north-east Scotland to visit Davidson’s birthplace.

Do people travel from Timbuctoo and Tallahassee to visit your premises?  Does your product inspire that sort of loyalty?

Wouldn’t you love it to?

Then you need to stop pushing and start pulling (in the nicest possible way).  You need to touch people’s emotions … tell stories – true ones, of course, not fibs … fire people’s imagination and make them desire to do business with you.  Maybe you’re no good at telling stories off-the-cuff.  Or you can start but you’ve no idea how to keep it going, nor how to turn a story into a screenplay, or a song…  Or anything else, for that matter.

So you need someone else to write your scripts, blogs and newsletters every week.  That’s where I come in.

Telling stories is easy, when you know how.  It works.  It creates engaged, loyal customers.

And it’s a lot less painful than a tattoo.

So let’s get together and see how we can give you that Harley edge.




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