Ripples on a pond

Content marketing is about pulling your audience towards you, making them want to buy, rather than pushing your products at them and turning them off you completely. OK, got that – but how?

A good place to look is Your Move’s website ( Their recent posts cover what to do with all the cardboard boxes you’re left with after moving, top tips to sell your house this summer, what to do for Father’s Day, home improvement ideas, how to make moving less stressful for pets, the story behind Waterlooville, and preparing your house and garden for spring.

Yes, there’s a marketing message in there, but it’s quite subtle in most of the posts and the Father’s Day one didn’t mention the company at all. The cardboard boxes post has some fabulous, fun ideas and also links to Pinterest for more recycling, of furniture as well as boxes.

© Charlotte Fleming
Ripples (C) Charlotte Fleming

Those Pinterest links help with Google rankings as well as grabbing the interest of potential Your Move customers and other humans. People pin the pictures they like to their own Pinterest boards. They share the posts with their mates. The word percolates out to their friends’ friends.

Ripples on a pond, that’s what content marketing is. You throw the pebble and the ripples spread without any effort on your part and reach places you’d never have got to otherwise.

One little pebble –and here am I, in late June, talking about posts that were put up back in March. And I’m not even trying to buy, sell or let a house! But if I were I’d probably remember Your Move and see if there’s a branch locally – which is what it’s all about.

If you want to start some ripples spreading about your business, phone or email me today. Who knows where they might end up?

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