Once upon a time

Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I’ll begin.

Once upon a time there was a business that …

Maybe you think that’s a bit childish.  Doesn’t quite strike the Corporate chord, perhaps.

But I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “facts tell, stories sell”, and it’s true – even at CEO level.  Although up there they call them case studies or reports.  They’re still stories, though.  They put across the idea that you do a great job without actually having to brag.

Stories bring bare facts to life, give them colour and depth, drama, fascination.  They engage your audience.  They create pictures in the mind. They carry your audience on a journey with you, with all the emotions that entails.

And, like a great novelist or playwright, you get to decide what emotions you’ll have them experience.

Story audience
Image courtesy of Google Images.

Stories give your company personality, especially if you mention the people who did the good work.  People are the life of your business, the flesh and blood that your customers interact with, the face they see and the voice they speak to.  And, to use another over-burdened cliché, people buy people.  Tell a story about even the prickliest gate-keeper and your customers will start seeing her as a real person doing her job, instead of just an obstacle.  That makes for much pleasanter relationships all round.

And more sales.

Telling stories about what you’ve achieved – true ones, of course; fibs achieve nothing – also gives you oodles of street cred.  Proof that you’re the experts you claim to be.  Especially if you can get your customers to write them for you, as testimonials.

Are you telling great stories about your company?  If not, get in touch and find out how I can help.

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