Good things come in packages

I’ve just re-written several pages of this site, and I’d be happy to hear from the eagle-eyed finders of any typos, especially missed spaces – this keyboard drives me nuts! But the reason for telling you I’ve done it is to talk about why.

I’m working with a business coach who is trying to turn me into a proper business-person, with goals and plans.  I’ve been trying for years to achieve the same thing by myself, without much success, and I’m hoping a little gentle arse-kicking (she calls it “being accountable”) will help.

Anyway, I was talking to Lyn the other day about what I charge for various jobs and she said I needed to create packages for all the services I provide.  No point trying to work out in my head how long a piece of work will take, and how much I should charge at my nominal hourly rate, then thinking “OMG, that’s far too much – no-one will pay that!” (that’s why it’s a nominal rate) and reducing the price to what I think people will pay.  “Bad practice” was Lyn’s verdict.  So packages it is.

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And here they are:

4 blogs per month = £120/month by standing order

4 blogs + 4 emails per month = £199/month (ditto)

4 blogs + 4 emails + 4 relevant images per month = £199/month (ditto)

Why have the same price whether I provide an image or not? It just saves clients that little bit of hassle if they don’t want/have to use a corporate image.

Moving on…

Web page (single) = £75

Web site (<5 pages) = £300

Web site (<10 pages) = £500

Web site as above + 1st month’s blogging package = £300/£500 + £179

In the words of the Leslie Grimes estate-agent cartoon, “Taking it by and large, I don’t think that’s unduly exorbitant”.  Everyone knows where they stand and I don’t have to go through all that “OMG” stuff, so it saves stress all round.

I still need to create packages for all the other stuff I write, like exhibition copy and video scripts (see Our Services for all the details), but it’s a start.  I’ll get to them.  All in good time.

I don’t know what aspect of my business Lyn will tackle next.   It’s rather exciting.  Watch this space – and this transformation!

And don’t forget the typo hunt – comments below, please 🙂

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