Worth a picture?

Great words of advice from a web designer who has, sadly, moved on to pastures new:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – but words on a website can bring a thousand searchers.

You spend many hundreds of pounds for a new website. You might pay a photographer for professional images, and spend hours mapping out the pages, the link structure and the overall design, colours and layout. And then you quickly throw together the content when it starts to hold up the development process.

Why would you want to do that? Maybe you don’t really need many visitors or you don’t care if your text is not search engine friendly and won’t help you get found.

Words on a website are more important than just text in a document. Search engines use them to decide if your site is relevant to the search terms. If the relevance is not clear from the text then the search engines have little else to go on. Yes, they do use other parameters when evaluating the relevance of your website to the search term used … but where searching is concerned, content is king.

It's all about the content
It’s all about the contents. Image courtesy of Flickr.

Why then would you not pay as much time and attention to the words on the page as to the design and layout, or the images your photographer shot?

A good website copywriter will ensure that your text is optimized for the key search terms for each main keyword, as well as the important part of ensuring there are no typos, spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

These won’t necessarily bother a search engine but for your users they could be a huge turn-off. They look sloppy and unprofessional. You want people to see your business as trustworthy, reliable and professional, not uncaring and slapdash.

And first impressions do count: the next website is only a click away. So my advice would be to include a copywriter in your website design and development process. Not only will he or she ensure your website is well-written and error-free; they’ll also ensure that your text will attract the right searchers for your products or services. Not using a website copywriter could be the biggest mistake you make when developing your website.

Why risk it?

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