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In my last post I mentioned the seven reasons for doing content marketing that we came up with at the training I did recently, and we covered the first one (if you missed it you can read it here).  Today we’re looking at number 2: to build a reputation as an expert.

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Whatever line of business you’re in, most of your customers will know less about it than you do. That’s more obvious for, say, a lawyer than a newsagent. But I bet there’s a lot to being a newsagent that would never occur to the layman walking in off the street. (All that stuff about returns, for a start – how does that work?) A restaurant critic may think (s)he knows more about food than the chef (though it’s often debatable) but almost certainly wouldn’t have a hope of running a kitchen.

So you’re an expert in your field. Even if you’ve only been doing it a few months, you’ll know more than someone who’s never tried it at all. Content marketing’s perfect for getting that expertise across to your readers (see what I’m doing here?).

Maybe you don’t feel like much of an expert yet, but by the time you’ve finished working out how to put it in writing, the subject will be a lot clearer to you as well as your readers. There’s no better way of learning – and building your confidence – than having to teach a subject. Write it as though you mean it and everyone will believe you.

Obviously you’re not going to try and tell everything there is to know in one sitting. Break it up into chunks, looking at each process from different angles until you can explain it clearly. Make notes – post-its are useful, because you can shuffle them around until you’ve got the order right.

Then write, and rewrite until your subject really is clear. It’s amazing how many doodahs and thingys go into explaining something in your head: they mean precisely what we want them to up there but they really don’t work on paper!

Aftr that, of course, you have to publish it, whether on your blog, in a newsletter, on Facebook or, when you’re really confident, on LinkedIn. Don’t be shy: you’ve gone to all the trouble of writing it, now let people read it. How else will they find out what you know?

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