My bit on the side

Everyone needs a bit on the side.

Red Sea anemone fish
Red Sea anemone fish. (C) C. Fleming

It may be a passionately-pursued hobby that earns you nothing but quite often costs a lot – and I don’t mean someone else’s wife.  I go scuba diving, as you may know (if you’ve never tried it and fancy a go, let me know!).

Or your bit on the side may actually earn money: wood carving or photography you sell through a local craft shop, or playing the pipes at weddings, perhaps

Some people love those sorts of thing, others loathe them and wouldn’t touch ‘em with a 30-foot pole.

Like Marmite… scuba diving…

… or writing.

And that’s the point of this blog.

You may love writing or loathe it, be enchanted to sit down and tap out today’s 2,000-word blog, or raise a hollow groan when I say “Happy writing!” and struggle to compose a tweet.

To help me find out, I’d be very grateful if you could tell me what you think here

It’ll only take a few minutes of your valuable time – 10 short questions – but it would mean a lot to me.

And it could – via my new bit on the side – help you.

Thank you very much in advance and – er – happy writing!

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