Solve your greatest content marketing challenge

What’s your greatest content marketing writing challenge?  Mountain climber

How would it feel to solve it – for it to just fade quietly away and never bother you again?

You could achieve that very soon: I’m starting a mentoring group concentrating on writing for content marketing.  This will be a monthly online meeting, with a private Facebook group for questions and answers between meetings, downloadable resources and – yes – a bit of homework.  Nothing too strenuous, just a wee monthly challenge.

I’m aiming to get the group up and running within the next month or so, and I’d like to know what you struggle with most so that I can prepare content for the course that you personally would find helpful.

  • Maybe you’re not a confident writer – can’t find the right word, or your grammar’s a bit rusty
  • Or you can never think what to blog about
  • Perhaps you’d like help with keyword research
  • Or deadlines are always looming, and your writing is rushed to meet them
  • Or maybe you’re just not getting the results you’re looking for.

Whatever problem you grapple with I can guarantee you’re not the only person suffering from it, and I promise to cover it in one of our monthly online get-togethers.  I’ve faced many of these challenges myself over the past eight years.  I know what you’re going through and I know how to turn it around.

But the meetings won’t just be me spouting; there’ll be plenty of time for questions, discussion and your progress reports and, as I said, there’ll be the Facebook group for questions and answers between monthly sessions.

So let me know your worst bugbears and let’s face them down together.  We’ll get your greatest content marketing challenge sorted and take you up to the next level.

Meanwhile, happy writing!


P.S. If you want to be part of the group, get in touch soon.  I’m only going to accept six people!

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