Did curiosity really kill the cat?

Curiosity killed the cat, they say.  But they never tell you why.  And I don’t believe them – none of the moggies I’ve known perished from curiosity.

Old age, yes.  Being run over on a road they’d crossed hundreds of times before, sure.  Illness, yup.

Curiosity?  No.Did curiosity kill the cat

Curiosity is what makes life worth living.  What’s the point of grinding through life without discovering anything?  Where’s the interest in that?

Curiosity changes lives (remember the baby elephant with ‘satiable curtiosity in the Just So Stories?  That’s how elephants got their trunks.  Definitely life changing!).  It’s how we learn as children and continue to learn into old age, at least until we start forgetting everything again…

Where was I?  Ah yes:

Curiosity, aka nosiness, is what makes people watch telly, listen to the radio, travel, and read novels, magazines, text books – and blogs.  They want to find out about how and why you do what you do, who else does it, how it works, when it’s happening and how it affects them.

There’s a series of ads on TV at the moment, with a young chap chatting to disabled athletes and trying out their sports.  He whets your curiosity, proves how much it takes to achieve what those athletes have achieved, and promotes the Paralympic Games very successfully; only at the end do you discover that the ads are promoting Samsung.

That’s the essence of content marketing: informative, fun, interesting, quirky, with a gentle reminder at the end about the product/service you offer.  You whet people’s appetite, appeal to their curiosity, give them something to think about, and then slip them a nudge that you’re there when they need you.

Don’t try and satisfy their curiosity – never give away all the answers, even if you could. You still want your readers to need you when the time comes.  Just give them enough to prove you know your stuff and you’re excited by your business; to prove your passion and pass on a bit of it.

To help them up their game a notch or two.

And keep their curiosity alive.

That’s all you can do – and possibly the best gift you can give anyone.

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