Set it and forget it? No: promote the hell out of it!

Have you ever felt you were talking to a void?  That the audience you thought was hanging on your every word isn’t even there?  That you’re writing your pearls of wisdom for yourself, ‘cause no-one else is listening?

It’s not a great feeling.  In fact, it’s one of the most depressing and frustrating feelings I can think of.

But you could be right, at least when it comes to your blog.

There’s so much information on the internet, so many great insights, discussions, exposés, revelations…  So much stuff written by celebs – which will be read however inane it is, just because someone more famous than you wrote it.

Most non-celeb blogs get fewer than 8 views.  Ever.

Hardly worth the time and effort, is it?

So how do bloggers become famous?  How do they get heard above the racket?

They promote the hell out of themselves and every word they’ve ever written.  Over and over again.  They re-promote posts as “evergreen” whenever and wherever they get a chance.  They guest blog, post articles on other channels, tweet about them, advertise them on Facebook … and rinse and repeat.

They work bloody hard to get found and get heard.  And eventually other people start doing the promoting for them; that’s when it all starts to take off.  And maybe – just maybe – they have a post go viral and people really start to take notice.

It takes a lot of concentrated effort, at one end or another.  You can either become a celebrity before you start blogging, or become a celerity because you blog – it’s up to you.

But if you want your blog to reach an audience, you have to promote your posts and get other people to promote them for you.

There’s now an easier – and much less time-consuming – way to do that.

Missinglettr blog promotion tool logoI’ve mentioned Missinglettr before, when I first signed up for it.  It’s a great tool that promotes your posts for you via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, for a whole year, with only about 5 minutes’ input on your part.

It’s working so well for me that I signed up as an affiliate and I have a very special offer for you.  If you sign up before July 25th 2017, you get 6 months’ membership for the price of 1.  Yup, you read that right – not 2 or 3, but 6 for 1.  Go here to find out more.

Yes, I’ll get a few pennies if lots of people sign up. But I wouldn’t be promoting it if I didn’t think it’s a great tool as well as a great bargain.

Missinglettr saves me literally hours of tedious, repetitive work, racking my brains for different ways to promote my blog posts.  I usually have to tweak their suggestions, but once that’s done, that’s it.  For a year.  (Though I can tweak them again later if I want to.)

No more faffing about with CSV files for Hootsuite.  No more being told “you can’t repeat yourself” by Buffer.  No more doing it manually, every day, when you have many far more urgent things to do.

Just set it and forget it.  Your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook friends will promote the posts on down the line to their connections – often two or three times over the year – and the word spreads.  With zero effort on your part.

Ever fancied becoming a blogging celebrity?  This could be your moment!  Simply click here and try it for yourself.

I use it for every single post I put out on my Scottish Visitor blog (; thank you for asking!) and views have increased, for some posts, by several hundred.  When you think how many blogs there are about Scotland, that’s really no’ bad.  And, as the campaigns continue through the year, I expect it to rise.

Who knows, views may even get into the thousands – hundreds of thousands – millions!  That would be exciting …

But here’s the point: whatever dizzy heights I reach, it would definitely never happen if I had to do it all manually.  I just can’t be bothered; there’s too much else to do.  I manage it for about a week and then fade away.

If that’s your experience too, you really should try this package.  Using tools like Missinglettr and Quuu (which I’ve mentioned in previous posts, and still also love) is like having a social-media-savvy assistant take over all the grunt work for you.  Bliss!

So head on over and pick yourself up 6 month’s worth of that priceless assistant’s time for the price of 1 month.  No HR problems, just results.

You’ve only got until 25th July to get signed up, so do it now, while you remember.  If you’re too late for the offer, sign up anyway; you’ll be glad you did.  Who knows, you could turn into the next blogging sensation!

2 thoughts on “Set it and forget it? No: promote the hell out of it!

  1. Facebook now requires you to set Missinglettr posts manually. They have a red dot beside them if they haven’t been ok’d, which changes to green when they have. If you’ve listed both your FB pages, just leave the one you don’t want Missinglettr to post to and manually set the one you do want to use. It’s quicker than it sounds!

  2. Can I ask you something about missinglettr? I just signed up and I’m confused. I am trying the free version and set it up to Facebook. I want it to post on my business page and my facebook group that I manage but not my personal page. Do you know how to select what pages to post one and which ones not to post on?

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