How to start a business blog

If you’re just setting out on your blogging journey and haven’t even decided on a name for it or organised your site, then this excellent infographic is for you.  It covers the basic why, how and what of blogging.

This isn’t a subject I’ve covered before – and I’m not covering it myself today, either, because it’s really not my forte.  I’m leaving it to Robert Mening and the team at WebsiteSetup, who can talk about all the technical stuff with proper authority as they does that sort of stuff for a living.  The infographic maps out all the basics you need to think about:

How to start a business blog infographic


You can read the whole, in-depth article here.

The thumbnail of the graphic was sent me by Rose Cameron of WebsiteSetup, who announced it as a “Wonderful infographic for your site” and told me it would be great exposure for their content.  I’m afraid my reply was a touch acidic, but her chutzpah won through.  Oh, to be 29 again!  Then again, maybe not …

Once you’ve followed their advice, come back and read my posts about writing the content!

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