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About GreatCopyCharlotte Fleming

What makesGreatCopy different from other copywriters?  Practice.  And a varied career in a bizarre mix of industries and businesses at all stages of their development.

I’ve been writing features, product descriptions, ads and content since 1983, so I have over 30 years’ experience of putting products and businesses into words that sell.

GreatCopy was born in 2008 and specialises in web content, blogging and brochures.  That doesn’t mean I won’t touch other work; I do.  But writing engaging information in plain English is what I do best.

I don’t specialise in a particular industry.  Variety makes the world go round and I don’t like repeating myself.

Almost all GreatCopy’s business comes through personal recommendations.  I’ve been writing blogs for some of my clients for years – and they keep asking for more.

Which is very gratifying.

But not a good reason for resting on laurels (a rather scratchy bed, don’t you think?).

What else does GreatCopy do?

I don’t just write for other people’s businesses.  I write for their amusement, too – and mine.

Features for lifestyle magazines, mainly on travel, woodlands and scuba diving.

Blogs about Angus and other interesting bits of Scotland at www.scottishvisitor.co.uk.  The journal of our conversion of an old school into a home – the working title is “A Bra Full of Brickdust”.  Logs of voyages we make on England’s canal system.  Dive logs.

A book about my great-great-great grandmother who was sent “home” from India aged 7 and never saw her parents again.

Writing is what GreatCopy does because it’s what I do.  I’ve done it all my life.  When the words are flowing, there’s no better feeling.

Ready to start?  Head here.

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