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Click on the links below to read samples of my work for all sorts of clients, including both writing and copy editing.  The writing covers a range of subjects and genres, including travel, promotional pieces for a variety of businesses and features for magazines.

This is not the be-all-and-end-all of my work, so please get in touch if you want something written that doesn’t appear to be covered here.  As long as it’s informational rather than sales-y, I’m happy to tackle writing about any industry.  I love finding out the nitty-gritty of different industries and what makes people work in them; most things become more interesting the deeper you delve into them.

There’s one important proviso, though.  [Rant alert.]  I’m an expert in my job, not yours.  But you need what I write to sound authoritative.  That means you either need to supply me with information or give me some idea where to find it.  I am not going to make it up and I can’t pull it out of fresh air or plagiarise other people’s websites!

The most frustrating part of my job is having people waiting for copy but having to chase them for the details I need to write it.  Content marketing requires regular input, so if you’re not prepared to supply it please ask someone else to write your content for you.  Thank you.  [End of rant.]

Travel (including scuba diving):

Sail Away  

Best Scottish Beaches for Motorhome Holidays

You Want to Fly When?!?

Sun, Seahorses, Sand and Sangria

The First Airfield

Swimming with the Fishes

Feet First

Miscellaneous writing:

Now the Trees can Speak

A Woman’s Place

Sanda – Wild and Woolly and All Yours?

How to Win Clients and Influence People

Flier for Green Park Garage

Product review: Sherwood Mag4 Mask

Copy editing:



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