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At the end of a long, cold, dreich winter, the last thing you want is to make a lot of effort. You just want to get away and be pampered for a bit. To live the easy life, waited-on hand and foot, with everything right there – shops, gym, hairdresser, entertainment, restaurants, new people to meet, new vistas to scan. You need a cruise, don’t you?

But where to go? You’ve been to the Med, the Caribbean’s too far…

Well, how about Norway? Beautiful, unspoilt, plenty of clean, fresh air, cheery people and miles and miles of coast: Norway’s got the lot. A voyage round Majestic Fjordland right at the start of spring – what a great way to lose your winter blues! Better still, you won’t have to travel further than Dundee to start your voyage.

There are two sailings to choose from, leaving on 29th March 2015 for seven days and on 12th April 2015 for six days. The earlier one still has a few Super Twin Inner and Standard Ocean View cabins available, among others – though sadly the Royal Suite has sold. The April sailing has a similar variety of cabins to choose from.

Either cruise will cost £909 with the coach transfer or £859 without (not recommended, especially if you want the easy life). That’s a great price, for seven days all-in. But it gets better: the April sailing price is for two people. Yes, it’s a Buy One Get One Free deal! Now that would give your Spring a bit of a bounce, wouldn’t it?

Don’t try booking these cruises online – they’re “sold out” there. But we can still get you cabins if you hurry. So pop in and have a chat – the fjords await you.