You want to fly when?!?!?

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You Want to Fly When?!?!?


A customer came in to arrange flights for his wedding in Tobago, a full seven months away. Planning early – very sensible, you might think. But there was already only one seat left in Business class, so he and his bride will have to travel in Premier Economy.

If you’ve flown recently you may have noticed that airlines these days aren’t leaving empty spaces on their planes. Gone are the days when you could spread yourself over two or even three seats. You’re almost certain to have someone in the seat next to you and someone reclining the seat in front of you.

Fuel costs, carbon-footprint-reduction exercises and airport landing charges have forced the airlines to be lean and, some might say, mean.

Where a few years ago the likes of Thomson or Thomas Cook would have operated independently, two tour operators will nowadays regularly share a plane. That means that in some cases there’s half the number of flights to a destination now compared to previous years.

Whether you’re flying to Barcelona or Bangkok, Paris or Peru, booking early makes sense. With the lack of spare seats there’s no incentive for the airlines to offer cheap late deals. Charter flights are announced 11 months in advance, seats sell out quickly, and nowadays the prices go up, not down, the later you leave your booking.

You need to get organised, so nip down to 1-Up Travel and get your name on the reservation list.

Otherwise you may find you’re spending your holiday in bracing Skegness instead of sunny Skiathos or (perish the thought) turning right instead of left when you enter the plane. And that would never do.