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“Really good, I’m impressed with the research you’re doing on this [and] impressed with what you have produced.”    Gillian Walton, Purple Skies Consulting

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Content marketingContent Marketing



Content marketing is giving people relevant, interesting content that positions the giver as an expert and doesn’t sell.  It starts a conversation with potential clients.

It makes you stand out from your competitors so people remember you when they need what you supply.  It helps them feel they know, like and trust you.

Content marketing is great for your SEO too, because search engines are interested in sites that show authority.  That gets you up the page ranking and leads more visitors to your site.

How do you do it?

Via your blog, newsletter, web content, trade-show handouts, brochures … videos, podcasts, social media of all sorts … with how-to tips, back-stage gossip, statistics, infographics, photos, news, celebrations … anything that’ll grab the eye of the people you want to do business with.

Different platforms work for different businesses.  I concentrate on writing blogs, newsletters, web pages and brochures, but I can put you in touch with people who work in social media, videography and PR.

One thing about content marketing: you have to do it regularly – and go on doing it – to get results.  So I offer monthly packages of 2 fully-researched, authoritatively-written blogs per month, paid by monthly standing order so you don’t have to worry about it again (but you can stop it any time you need to).

One client has seen a 30% rise in website visits over the past six months, as well as improved page ranking, so it really does work!

Whether you already have a list of subjects you want me to write about or you need to brainstorm some ideas first,  get in touch and let’s get started.


Gillian Walton, Purple Skies Consulting said
“Really good, I’m impressed with the research you’re doing on this [and] impressed with what you have produced.”