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Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profiles and Personal Statements


If your dream job always seems to slip from your grasp, maybe it’s time to have another look at your cover letter and/or LinkedIn profile.

A poor cover letter can mean your beautiful CV never even gets looked at. A dull LinkedIn profile will have the same disheartening result, as will a less than thrilling Personal Statement for your University application. If they don’t sparkle, your chances of getting the job or going to your first-choice University vanish.

Cover letters, profiles and personal statements are basically sales letters, but most people struggle to sell themselves.  You’re taught from an early age not to show off.

Then, suddenly, your future depends on blowing your own trumpet – but not too hard.  You need to make yourself seem an attractive prospect, a great person to work with or an eager pupil.  You don’t want to come across as brash and self-promoting.

It’s a fine line to walk and it’s useful to have someone else help you find the balance.

As an outsider, I don’t suffer from “I can’t say that, I’ll have to tone it down” syndrome, so I can help you write your best-ever sales letter.  You’ll do the writing because it has to read as though you did.  My job is to work through it with you and help you find the right words – and believe them!

Your brilliant cover letter or personal statement can help you get the future you want.


Here’s what one satisfied client said:

Graham Low, Jana Kitchen

“I got in touch with Charlotte with a view to revising my LinkedIn profile and maximising its potential. She did a wonderful job, worked very quickly and was very reasonably priced. I would not hesitate to recommend Charlotte to other businesses considering using her services.”