Copy editing and proofreading

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Copy editing and proofreading

You want to do the writing in-house, but you find it difficult to spot your own mistakes (everyone does* – you get so close to the copy you’ve written, you see what you think is there).  * So if you spot an error on this site, please let me know – I’ll be truly grateful  🙂

Or you’re not sure whether to use “less” or “fewer”.  Or whatever…  (By the way, I’ve written a free report that will help you with all those sorts of thing.  You can get it here.)      

I offer a proofreading and copy editing service to take the stress out of your writing. Here’s how my clients have reacted to the results.

Janet Torley, Events For Business, said:

“Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Charlotte is not only a really, really nice person, she has superlative skills as a copy editor. Her command of English is outstanding – real old school knowledge but it does make a document or website look ever so much more professional.  … if you work with Charlotte you will have an extremely polished and professional document at the end. And she does it all ever so nicely as well.”

Gary Robertson , Area Director (Perth), Clyde Property, agrees:“Very grateful for your work and input into the text and information we wanted to work on. Delighted with the end result and was a pleasure to work with you from start to finish. It’s amazing the difference that some subtle changes can make and really sell the benefits of using our services. The text is now much more focused on the customer and why they should choose us over a number of competitors and I am now even more confident that, with your expert assistance, we will now convey this much more effectively.”

Leslie Bawden, Director, The HR Dept., was pleased too:

I am really pleased with what you have done. You have, as you say, focused on the WIIFM, rather than boring them with probably unnecessary details about me.  What you have done seems so simple but incredibly effective and has changed the whole emphasis and focus. Cannot speak highly enough of what you have done. I suppose you have guessed that I am really pleased by now!  Will definitely use your services in the future…


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