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Web content

Your website is your 24/7 receptionist and salesperson rolled into one. 

You have to get it right.  You’ve less than 7 seconds to grab people’s attention before they dive off to a competitor’s site.

You know what you want when you go to a website; well, so do your customers – and it’s not the full company history!  You need content that your customers can read quickly, especially now that over 50% of people use phones and tablets to go online.

You have to know what keywords and phrases people are using to find your products.

Search Engine Optimisation is no longer a question of shoving in as many keywords as you can (if it ever was).  The text has to make sense and be interesting, authoritative and relevant, both for your readers and for the search engines.

It’s somewhere between a black art and a science, and the goalposts move regularly.

I write web content with all that in mind.  Your web developer will deal with the background stuff that the search engines need to see.  Between us, we’ll make your site visible to the people you want to see it: your prospects.

(Then, of course, you have to keep the site visible, and the best way to do that is by regular content marketing.)


What web designers say:

Wendy Sutherland, Activ Web Design.


“It’s so much easier to work with a copywriter!  Charlotte got the work done straight away, whereas I’ve waited 3 months and more for text from other clients.”

Colin Shipton, Intrafusion Web Design


“I have recommended Charlotte’s work to several of my clients, as an important part of building a successful website is the actual copy on the page. There is no point constructing copy to lure the search engines which is unreadable by humans and vice-versa.

I have found Charlotte’s work to combine these two criteria very well and would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my clients.”

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