Price list

Some people may be put off buying a service because they think it will be too expensive, so here’s my list of charges to help you decide for yourself.  These are basic prices; if a lot of research is required I reserve the right to charge more.

Prices from:

Web pages                    £50/page

Keyword research                    £20/page

Blog posts                    £115 (2 posts per month, including research) payable monthly by standing order

Single blog posts            £60 each

Contact emails                    £50 each

Awards applications                    £350 each

Brochures (2-sided A4 bi- or tri-fold)                    £200 each

Exhibition copy                    by arrangement, depending on quantity of text

Striped starfish long

Copy editing          £100/1000 words

Travel                    £0.45/mile

Web design, graphic design, print:- I can put you in touch with designers, developers and printers I work with and trust; please ask for details.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Full Terms and Conditions