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Steve Smith, Business Development Manager, Dynamic Edge, said

“Your obvious passion for the subject matter shone through and even with this, you were still willing to discuss your firmly held beliefs, which was a huge positive. Hearing from such an experienced individual in their chosen field is always a pleasure and your ability to flit from serious to fun does you credit.”



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Top tips

Want my five top tips for copywriting?  You can find them here.  That fine videographer, Tosh Lubek of Tosh Lubek Productions, recorded them at a business event we attended together.  You can catch up with Tosh’s blog here:

Avoiding Writer’s Block

Here’s the audio of a talk I did recently on preventing and working around writer’s block.

8 Tips to Overcome Writer's Block


It’s just under 7 minutes long, but packed with tips to get you started and keep you writing.

The recording starts a few seconds into the talk and, as it was done in front of an audience and other speakers came on straight after me, we didn’t have a second chance.  So don’t try and rewind to the very beginning, because it’s not there!

I hope you enjoy the talk and get benefit from it.

If you want the full version, it’s available as an ebook.  Just click the link at the bottom of the side-bar, fill in your details, and it’s yours!