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Write and Prosper


Write and Prosper is THE course for improved written English for business.

The other day a client received this email (quoted word for word, letter for letter, punctuation mark for punctuation mark) following up on a complaint:

Hi there,

This will be with yourself Tomorrow as our supplier has sent this to the wrong address,

we are extremely sorry this has effected yourself and i will refund the shipping cost Today,

sorry again,


To be fair, the writer was doing his/her best to sort out the problem. But my client is a bit of a stickler for good English – and so much of the email was having the opposite effect to what was intended…

If you are finding those sorts of mistakes in the letters or emails that your staff send out (or can’t see what the problems are) then having them attend GreatCopy’s Write and Prosper course could mean:

a) you keep the rest of your hair

b) you aren’t hoarse at the end of the week from yelling at staff

c) your HR department isn’t always on your case for yelling at staff

d) your staff turnover reduces because you aren’t always on their case

e) your complaint numbers and associated costs decrease because prospects can understand the letters and emails that are sent to them

f) your business turnover increases because people actually want to read the letters and emails you send them (and you’ve decreased your costs).

I could find enough reasons to get from g) to z) but you’re a busy person …

You know your business could benefit from the Write and Prosper course, so get in touch today (see box above right).


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